So Someone Asked a Good Question About What To Eat

We decided to provide aWhat to eat short list of what to eat and what to avoid.

Anyone who cares about the fact that almost ALL food is fake and dangerous for us in So many ways, has to start finding solutions and change the situation not just for themselves, but also for all people.

  1. Don’t contribute to the problem

    Stop buying from EVIL CORPS. The more we buy their fake toxic food, the more money they make so they can pay fake scientists to create more fake food. Remember that the government allows this behavior and is in bed with almost all EVIL CORPS.

    Never trust the government. They will and do try to control all humans and force them to do things humans should NEVER have to do. You don’t owe the government anything, you owe yourself everything. 

  2. Fresh – What to eat?

    Try to always eat fresh. That’s fresh vegetables, fresh meat, chicken, etc.

    Try to get organic and from local farmers, not the HUGE organic farms we can’t always trust. If you have an Amish farm near you, they almost ALWAYS treat their animals well and don’t use chemicals.
    It’s hard to find them online because they only have a telephone, but finding them will help you solve a lot of your problems in finding clean healthy food.

    They are also holistic in nature. We just got some links from a woman who gave us some contacts. We won’t post them publicly, as we can’t let the corrupt government get their hands on them to try and take them down.

    As for beef, make sure your farmer feeds his cows fresh grass. Factor or unethical farmers feed their cows terrible food, INCLUDING other animal’s body parts.

  3. Fish – What to eat?

    Don’t eat fish unless it’s wild Alaskan salmon and yes we know it’s expensive. Anything else is toxic because they have polluted our waters so all fish is full of mercury (very toxic), and the residue from the meltdown in Japan travelled.

    NEVER eat farmed fish, it’s also toxic. They are given fake or GMO food, and they contract diseases because they are penned up in a small area where they can’t swim freely. Farmed fisheries do a lot more damage to the waters around them, but that’s an article for another time.

  4. Start growing your own produce.

    You can even grow a couple of plants in your apartment, or pool together with a few other people, get yourself a patch of land and farm together. This minimizes the amount of work you each need to do, you get to fertilize the soil, and  make sure there’s no chemicals used.

    Most people concentrate ONLY on the pesticides used, but what they don’t know is that the soil is another HUGE issue. The conventional farmers have killed the soil so it’s void of ALL nutrients. This is just one reason why when you eat a store bought vegetable, it tastes terrible and your body gets no nutrients. You will have to start feeding your soil to make sure it’s nutrient rich. You can buy PH tests for that.

    Yes you will need to learn how to farm or garden, but this is a positive thing, and the wave of the future. We ALL need to learn how to go back to what was once the best ways and grow our own produce.

  5. Fake Food

    Don’t eat almost anything that comes in a box or is frozen unless you’ve read ALL of the ingredients and you know what they are.Items with sugar, lots of fake salt and other chemicals and dyes are harmful to the body. Sugar is very addictive and so are other sweetening items. That’s why EVIL CORPS use it in fake food, so your brain signals to your body that it wants more and you rush to buy more.

  6. Raw

    Try to always eat raw, raw milk, cheese, honey, etc. This means it hasn’t been harmed by high heat or fast production methods. When they harm it, it removes ALL the nutrients from the items.

  7. Stay away from ALL GMO

    Remember the government prevented us from forcing the EVILS CORPS to label all products that are GMO. There’s a good reason they have been stopping us from wanting labeling. Again, the government sides with the EVIL CORPS, not with people. They are corrupt and get lots of bribes and kickbacks.

    You can look up a list of the most common vegetables (now fruits too) that are GMO. Every year they are creating more and more toxic GMO foods. This is why it’s SO important to grow your own.

  8. Who are you buying from?

    Also know where you are buying your seeds from. Understand that these EVIL CORPS buy up “natural” companies and they change things on the back end so they are no longer natural.

    They have already infiltrated the natural community online and we are sure offline too. They do this so they can try and change the narrative and lie to the people trying to stay healthy.  This is a known fact in the natural communities.

  9. Eggs

    Try to get eggs that are omega 3, aren’t fed soy, are fed what chickens are supposed to eat, and that the chickens roam FREE. Be careful with deceptive wording like “free range,” which does NOT mean the chickens roam free.

    Almost all soy is GMO and it’s fed to chickens in factory farming. GMO is harmful to us and the environment.

  10. Support local entrepreneurs

    See if you can find a grandmother type in your neighborhood who cooks all natural. Buy ready made food from her.It’s a much better good idea to support solopreneurs and small businesses instead of supporting the EVIL CORPS.We are responsible for allowing these EVIL CORPS to grow and take over the world. Our greed put us here, now it’s our responsibility to set things right.

  11. Water

    Always drink clean fresh water, never tap. Try not to drink spring water from a company in the US and Canada where it is usually dirty and tastes terrible. There are units out there that will clean tap water and make sure it cleans out the toxic fluoride the government forces into our tap water.

    As another option, see if you have a natural spring in your area that you can test and get free CLEAN water from. Here’s a natural spring water site that keeps track and you can add to it too.

  12. Fermenting

    Eating fermented items is really good for your digestion. Many people have been healed by making their own fermented products such as Kombucha, Kefir, and fermented carrots and cabbage.

  13. Bone Broth

    Bone broth is excellent for your digestive system and giving you calcium. It’s a simple process once you get the hang of it, and you can speed it up by buying an InstaPot which is widely recommended as the best pressure cooker on the market and aluminum free inside.

  14. No White

    Don’t eat white, that’s white pasta, rice, bread, etc. In fact avoiding almost all carbs unless it’s from vegetables is a good idea. Avoid bread at all costs. What to eat bread? Sprouted quality bread is good for you if baked well and it has the nutrients, or just avoid bread altogether.We don’t even eat brown rice anymore. It can raise your blood sugar. Once in a blue moon it’s okay.

  15. Night Shades

    Don’t eat night shade vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, etc. They have a self preserving self defense mechanism called lectins, and when we eat them, it’s bad for our bodies.  This is why Italians always peel and deseed their tomatoes when they make fresh tomato sauce.

  16. Soy

    Soy isn’t good for our bodies either and 90% of it is GMO.

This is a good start to eating healthy when people ask what to eat.

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