We want to hear your mold story.

Have you had a major catastrophe with mold in your home, office, school, etc.?

Most people who have experienced this have had the following issues:

  1. People say they are just imagining it
  2. People tell you that you are too sensitive
  3. You have these major heath reactions to your home or furnace when you turn the heat on & yet you have no idea what it is
  4. Their government doesn’t care & passes the buck
  5. The health department of their government is so ignorant & totally uneducated about mold toxicity, their suggestions make the situation even worse
  6. Your health department downplays the mold toxicity problem in your home, school, office building, etc. because if they don’t see HUGE amounts of mold, they assume there’s only a small problem.

    Did you know that you can’t see toxic  mold UNTIL it becomes a mold colony? And then that’s the only time you will visually see it, but it’s still floating around in the air, on your furniture, in the walls, roof, etc.?

  7. You mistakenly clean mold with water or toxic chemicals (including bleach) (A BIG NO NO) that not only don’t get rid of the mold, it just makes it worse because now you have combined toxic mold with harsh inhumane chemicals.
  8. You are forced to move from your home or you are told you can’t live there & you are homeless

These are just some of the issues people are facing today in both the US & Canada.

Please tell us your mold (mould) story so we can all educate ourselves & deal with this HUGE problem that has become more & more prevalent.

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