This is a great video that depicts how the earth & humans are wasting away.

It details which country is using up the most resources & how corporations have taken over the world.
(Here’s a full length documentary that discusses that point.)

This video also teaches you about our constant exposure to toxins.

In their next video they discuss more about toxins & who really pays for the product you own in your home. They continue on to discuss how after WWII, the government & analysts + Corporations structured our society so we would SPEND, SPEND & SPEND even more. Find out how they got everyone addicted shopping (shopaholic anyone?)…

And this last video discusses how THINGS get disposed of & how that affects US as humans. It goes back to what Part II said, that humans haven’t been happy since this whole “plan of getting people to spend”, took place back in the 1950’s.

Ever heard of Dioxin?

Did you know that recycling, while good, can’t solve our problem?

I highly recommend this set of short videos & here’s their site…

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