Most people don’t hear of these stories unless they experience first hand how the oil & gas companies cover up their toxic material all the while killing & deforming animals & humans.

Because our society is built on sweeping the truth under the rug & making it difficult for people to prove their case, the families who are being hurt are put into a situation where they can’t fight for their rights as a human being.

This is especially true in Canada because in our opinion, Canadians don’t fight for their rights & Canada as a government doesn’t care about their citizens.

In the US, most Americans fight for what they believe in & it’s very easy for them to find others who will band together in the support of change & they often create a lot of change.

The US government also cares a lot more about their citizens (not in all cases), & this is apparent to this writer because of all the help citizens who have little money get while Canadian citizens receive nothing.

Here is a story that will break your heart if you love horses & believe that we as human beings have the right to live in a clean pure environment.


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