The dying polar bears still aren’t being recognized worldwide.

Because of Global Warming, what is happening, is that the ice is melting, & the polar bears need the ice to stand on so they can catch & eat seals which is their main source of food. Without the ice, they are forced to live on land where there is no food & they are slowly starving to death losing weight every single day.

They are also endangering humans that live nearby (such as in Manitoba) as they search for food.

Every year the ice is taking longer & longer to form. It used to form at the beginning of November, now it’s as late as late December.

It’s not just the polar bears that are at risk, other species will start to die off  as well because of the ice melting & eventually humans will become extinct as well as our earth can’t survive without ice.

Dr. Andrew Derocher a professor of biology a is an expert on the plight of polar bears & you can see what he has to say here…

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