What Are Solar Roadways?

Ever heard of solar roadways?

solar roadways
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We have heard of something similar in the past, but certainly didn’t know all the ways that solar roadways could help society with energy, new jobs, and cutting costs for both the city and a person’s home.

Attributes such as

  • You can power your home from your solar driveway. That means being totally OFF the grid.
  • No more shoveling snow from your driveway, patio or walkway. How COOL is that?
  • No more icy airport runways so planes are delayed and risk accidents.
  • No more dangerous wet or icy sidewalks.
  • No more cities making you pay with your tax dollars for HUGE plowing costs during winter storms. If your city’s streets have solar roadways, the sun does all the work of melting the snow and there’s no more ice built up. This also means way less car accidents in the winter time if you live in the North of America or almost all of Canada.
  • The LEDs from the solar roadways show you the road clearly when you are driving at night. This also helps people who suffer from night blindness. The UK did a study that shows that there were 70% less accidents at night time due to the roads being lit up with solar roadways and theirLED lights.
  • Nor more paying the city with your tax dollars for constantly filling potholes. If one panel goes out, the five other panels will notify the city and someone comes to change just that one panel. It’s very easy to do. 
  • If there’s a tree, boulder or animal on the road up ahead, the LED pre-programmed messages will light up a message ON the road, so you slow down. Of course, this will save numerous animals and prevent countless accidents that harm or kill people or damage your vehicle.
  • If you are driving someplace you’ve never been before, there are LED arrows that will direct you to your final destination. 
  • If you are driving an EV (electric vehicle), you can charge at a parking lot while you shop, eat or go to work. This is all clean energy from the sun. In the future they plan to make it so you are charging your EV while you are driving. This is done by induction panels.
  • Pre-programmed designs let you arrange how a play area is designed, so if you want the layout for a basketball court, program the play area for that. If smaller kids want to play hopscotch, you can program the play area to slide in that pre-programmed design.
  • In a parking lot’s computer system, a manager can move the preset configurations around for handicapped spaces, smaller spaces for motorcycles, or larger wider spaces for trucks and RVs.
  • In sport arena parking lots, they can change the colors for walkways and parking lot to reflect the teams playing.
  • Just below the roads, the panels can also power fiber optic cable lines as well as wifi areas.
  • These solar roadways can produce 3% more energy than American as an entire country needs.

This new innovation will produce thousands of jobs that are helping society and providing clean energy.

To watch a cool video on solar roadways, click here…

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