Constant Issues with Keith Morey

Keith Morey

So we ordered some products from Keith Morey and his company Super Good Stuff. His other company name is SGS Research.

Their old address was

22 Coronado Pointe
Laguna Niguel, CA

Keith Morey’s New Address is

950 North Main Street

Orange, California, 92867

SGS Research, LLC

Phone Numbers

Office 949-651-6355
Cell: 949-929-5441


E-mail Addresses

[email protected]
[email protected]

They were just about to move when we ordered two VERY expensive products from Keith totaling just over $250.

We first found out about Keith Morey and Super Good Stuff from a Facebook group of moldies who said that his nasal spray wash was good for clearing out mold from the nasal cavities.

Our Initial Experiences with Keith Morey

We called up the office to ask some questions, and Keith called us back.

We spoke to him on the phone, and it was apparent right away that he thinks he knows it all and is on the insecure side. He likes to name drop and tout that he’s SO knowledgeable and that most people aren’t (that’s true), and that he’s been helping people solve their health issues for years. Also that whenever a doctor can’t help a patient, they send them all to him.

Since he educated us on something we hadn’t known before, we decided to listen to him.

After doing what he said, we bought a thermometer, took our temperature a few times and then e-mailed the results to him. We received NO response.

Then we called him, but he had no clue who we were even though he had just spoken to use a week or less earlier.

At first he said what we needed was over $1,500 worth of his holistic products. We told him we do NOT have that kind of money. He said that we could order just something to get us started by detoxing the liver and helping with the brain. Moldies always have a lot of brain issues.

We called him a third time and AGAIN he had no clue who we were. At that point we started to think that this guy has MORE health issues than we do, so we called him on it. He had to defend himself (of course) and blamed it on the fact that he’s getting married, they are in the middle of a move, and for the second time, he mentions how he gets 100’s of calls every day.

Fine, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and got off the phone and ordered from Keith Morsey’s website. That was on December 20, 2017.

Ordered Products from Super Good Stuff

He knew we were overseas, as we had told him 2-3 times. We had told him that what we ordered would go to a package forwarding company and then it would be forwarded to me from there along with everything else we were going to order.

We felt ordering on the site would be much easier to do than calling in the order due to the long address that has our box number included.

On December 27, 2017 we realized that we never got a tracking number from them, so we called up the office, spoke to Curtis, he looked up the package and said it should be arriving today.

We never got a package that day, but on the 26th we did, so we figured that was the package. One of the issues with package forwarding companies is that when they e-mail you that your package has arrived, they tell you who it’s from and supposedly a lot of these companies do NOT put their company name on the label.

Why that is we have NO idea, but it makes it VERY difficult to figure out who “customer service” is, or the other really generic names that aren’t company names.

We had also purchased from 7 other companies, so three weeks later when we were ready to consolidate all the packages into one, we confirmed that we had the 8 packages and thought everything was there.

Items from Super Good Stuff Missing

We got the package a week later on January 21, 2018, only to find out that Keith Morey’s items were NOT in the box.

We were very upset because we had been waiting a month to take these products. Also, we had spent a lot of money ($250+) on the items.

We immediately e-mailed both companies.

Come Monday, January 22, 2018, we started calling both companies first thing in the morning.

We spoke to Jill at Super Good Stuff. We remembered her from the day we ordered because we called the company to see if the order was going out that day and it was.

She had issues with getting into the computer and said she would have to speak to Channel. Channel as it turns out, is Keith Morey’s daughter, Channel Morey.

Instead of being put on hold, we were transferred by accident to Chanell where we explained the situation. She said she was going to look into it and then e-mailed us a copy of the proof that FedEx had delivered it and who signed for it.

We noticed RIGHT AWAY that the box number (our special box number that shows the package forwarding company which account it goes to) was NOT on the paperwork, so we e-mailed Channel Morey and told her this.

We didn’t get a response back, so we called again and spoke to Jill. Jill said she REMEMBERS that unique number and found it VERY strange, but she remembers putting it on the box. She made it seem like FedEx was the one who didn’t put the complete address on the box. She said she was going to investigate and call us back.

We aren’t experts in shipping, but we thought that FedEx just scans what’s there on the box already.

What the Package Forwarding Company Said

In the meantime, Stackry, the package forwarding company, DID find the box. They said there was NO box number on it, so it had been put into their lost and found.

We were upset that they didn’t look us up in their computer and reach out to us. They claim there’s other people with our name in their system which we find very hard to believe as it’s not a common name. They also said that it’s not their policy to look everyone up when boxes aren’t labeled properly. We couldn’t argue with that, clearly, that part wasn’t their fault at all.

They then wrote the box number on the box and took a picture of the box and sent it to me to PROVE that Super Good Stuff hadn’t written the full address on the box.

How Terribly We Were Treated By Keith Morey and Super Good Stuff

We called Keith Morey’s company AGAIN and no one was there. Not Jill or Chanelle, so Kate took our information to have Jill call us back.

Five minutes later we get an e-mail with an attachment from Chanelle (I guess she was there). The PDF was the same one we had received earlier from them proving that the FedEx address was incomplete. That it ONLY said Unit 7, it didn’t have our box number on it.

We called the company and this time Channel picks up right away.

The conversation turned into a heated argument because she was too clueless to understand WHY this box number was so important.

Not ONCE did she take responsibility for their HUGE mistake or apologize.

We had already sent proof that we NOW had to pay out of our pocket another $47 just to ship their items when it would have cost us WAY less had it been put in that other box. You see shipping more items in one box is less than shipping boxes individually.

Not to mention, we now have to wait again for this other box.

PLUS, we have to make sure we are home to accept the package, so that’s a stressor for us.

Channel said she couldn’t do anything about this (meaning reimburse us money for this extra charge) and we would have to speak to Keith about it.

We get transferred over, he doesn’t pick up, but while we were leaving a message, he calls us back.

The first thing I asked him is if he knows what is going on. He said he DID!

Of course the conversation with him was even WORSE than the conversation with Channel. At least Jill had been smart enough when we spoke to her, so we are pretty sure she understood why that box number was so important.

Keith starts making every excuse in the book and one of his excuses was so ludicrous we are now sure that he must have cerebral issues (this is our opinion.) Either he doesn’t take his products or they DON’T work, and we just lost $300.

Keith starts talking about how customs rejected the package.

LOL, What???

Yes, the US charges customs to ship from one state to New Hampshire, therefore they rejected the package.

His other excuses were that the full address was on the invoice in the plastic on the side of the box and it’s inside the box too. I can’t see the picture of the side of the box, but I have a feeling it’s not there. Even if it was there, package forwarding companies obviously never look at the sides of the box, they ONLY look at the label. They are NOT supposed to look at your private paperwork. They aren’t even allowed to look inside the box unless you instruct them to.

We asked him several times if he looked at the picture of the label where the address was missing.

He asked, “did they look on all four corners of the box?”

He kept saying the address isn’t missing. This is why the conversation got even more disturbing because it was clear to us that he was either not all there upstairs, OR he was purposely trying to play games to get out of what his company did wrong.

Then Keith Morey (just like his daughter Chanelle) blamed us for NOT putting special instructions in the order, or telling them all of this on the phone.

It is NOT our responsibility to tell them how to address a label based on an order.

We do not feel this warranted special instructions.

Had they just copied down what was there, there would have been NO problem. We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves and be blamed for their unorganized unprofessional company.

Our Opinion

NO other company in the 2+ years we have been using package forwarding companies has taken it upon themselves to decide what should or shouldn’t go onto an address label. When we put down our box number, they INCLUDE that in the address because that’s WHAT the customer put down.

This is the ONLY time we have ever had an issue with a company, and we’ve dealt with large, medium, small and many holistic companies just like Keith Morey’s Super Good Stuff.

In the end Keith REFUSED to listen or even understand what we were saying and told us NEVER to use his company again.

Obviously we’d NEVER EVER give Keith Morey our money again and go through all that stress.

This is a person who is supposed to help people with their health, and instead, he created WAY more stress for us which is what causes health issues to begin with.

Keith wasn’t even mature enough to take responsibility for his staff’s mistake, let alone apologize, AND was so immature, that he felt the need to blame the customer just so he wouldn’t have to take responsibility. Had he just fessed up to the problem, apologized, understood, and offered half of the shipping costs (we still would have paid more than we would have had the box been properly labeled), we would have totally understood and been accepting of that.

We thought you should know what kind of a person he is.


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  1. So on 01-23-18 after suggesting to the package fowarding company that they look to see if there’s an invoice in a pouch on the outside of the box if the customer’s box number isn’t on the packing label, the manager told us that they did check, and there was no invoice attached to the outside.

    So Keith lied. He had tried to blame the package forwarding company for NOT looking at the invoice stuck to the outside of the box which had our box number on it.

    If it was us running the package forwarding company, we wouldn’t even think that the invoice would have the complete address on it, and the packing slip wouldn’t. The packing slip is way more important than the invoice when it comes to the details of where it’s being shipped.

    Fast forward to yesterday when we got the box with Keith’s items in it, guess what….

    The Neuro Balance which is an expensive $90 item was missing from the package and some other cheaper $30 item called neurmuscular was there instead.

    We e-mailed them immediately to both e-mail addresses and the response we got back over the weekend made no sense and was English we couldn’t completely understand.

    “If it’s a liquid it’s the right product we weren’t sure the laws in the country”

    How is it that they don’t even know their own products. The neuro balance is a liquid, the one we received appears to be pills (we didn’t open it.)

    This is the second time that Keith has tried to use the excuse that their mistakes are due to these products being shipped overseas.

    First off Keith couldn’t even remember who we were on the phone twice, so we don’t believe that he remembered this was being shipped overseas. The only reason he’s mentioning it now is due to all these issues he’s caused us.

    Second, it doesn’t matter if it was being shipped overseas, his responsibility was to label the package with the address we gave him, and provide us with the items we ordered.

    We are also pretty sure that the person packing the box with our order had no idea this was eventually being shipped overseas, as we never told them it was, and we ordered from their site.

    We never received an e-mail response back today, Monday, so we called Super Good Stuff.

    We spoke to Kat who answered the phone. She put us on hold, then the next thing we know, without any notice, we are being transferred.

    It rings and rings and we get Chantel’s voice mail.

    We left a message at 10 am PST their time, and said if we don’t get a phone call or e-mail saying we are being refunded, we are calling our credit card company.

    Of course it’s now 4 pm PST, and we didn’t receive anything from them after that.

    We never thought Kevin and his company Super Good Stuff was scammy, but after all that’s transpired, and the fact that they are refusing to take ANY responsibility for the mistakes they made costing us a lot of money and a TON of stress, we definitely feel somethign is very fishy.

    We put our trust in them to help us heal and instead they have made us feel worse.

    We’ve NEVER experienced anything like this before.

    In fact, we ordered other all natural products from another company and some of their packagings leaked and the label came off.

    We called them up, and without ANY argument or fight, they offered us a credit or a refund. They even admitted that they were having packaging issues.

  2. Update:

    So Jill reached out to us and dealt with the refund, but it was days after the deadline.

    She offered to help us with the instructions for the liver detox. If it weren’t for her, we would have been lost.

    Unfortunately right after completing the liver detox the person who took it felt good, but then a day or two later started having issues that she hadn’t had just prior to taking it.

    Itching, VERY dry brittle nails, and swollen ankles and feet. In fact, overall she felt more inflammation when she had gotten that under control prior to the liver detox.

    Then someone in one of the holistic Facebook groups said that liver detoxes are dangerous and this one had MSM in it.

    So that was a complete waste of $300 and it looks like she is back to square one.

  3. Someone else reached out to us a few months ago saying whatever I went through he went through way WORSE with Keith, but he didn’t give me the details and didn’t want to add to the post.

    He could have been lying for all we know, just thought I should let you know.

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