Health Effects from Radiation

Health Effects from RadiationHere are the Health effects from radiation that no one tells you about.

If you typed into Google, “I am sick with ____” and you listed several of these health symptoms, your illness could be from low level radiation.

What in your home or outside your home causes low level radiation EMFs, etc?

  • Cell Phone (iPhones are worse than Samsung, but all smart cell phones are toxic and bad for our health)
  • Cordless Phones
  • All computer device using wifi like laptops, tablets, etc.
  • All smart appliances and TVs you purchase that have wifi capability in it. They say you can shut down the wifi, but the government may still be able to access it using 5G. That is just one of the reasons they are implementing 5G. It is NOT to give you faster service, it gives them the ability to spy on us.
  • Wifi towers outside your home.
  • Wifi towers outside your children’s schools. There is mounting evidence that young kids and even University students have become very ill and/or died due to a wifi tower being outside their schools.
  • Wifi networks in schools is VERY dangerous for children.
  • All toys that use wifi, even baby monitors. Children’s brains are very thin as they are still growing. They also hold a lot of water and this affects how much radiation they are exposed to.
  • Electricity towers near your home.
  • Smart meters. Remember that if you live in an apartment building, you are exposed to TONS of smart meters, not just one.
  • 5G towers anywhere NEAR your home or business.
  • Wifi networks anywhere where you work or study if it’s a library or a Starbucks and there’s vast amounts of wifi routers.
  • Your router (it’s much better to use wired)
  • Your modem (you MUST turn off the wireless in your modem until you need to use it)

Health Effects From radiation

    1. Cancer
    2. Hormone disruption and they don’t even care to do more research since the telecommunications industry has massive control. Here’s what they have cited so far.
    3. Oxidative damage
    4. DNA damage
    5. DNA failure
    6. Memory issues
    7. Dizziness
    8. Anxiety
    9. Brain Fog
    10. Headaches
    11. Nosebleeds
    12. Cognitive Problems
    13. Exhaustion
    14. Cardiomyopathy Precursor to Congestive heart failure
    15. Short term memory loss
    16. Long term memory loss
    17. Decrease attention span
    18. Lower reaction times
    19. Involuntary muscles causing misalignment of spines and jaws
    20. Breast cancer
    21. Disrupted immune function
    22. Change in stress proteins
    23. Effects reproductive and fertility issues (infertility)
    24. Harm to men’s sperm. Even if you take the cell phone out of your pocket which allows the sperm to recuperate, the damage to the DNA of the sperm is irreversible

Low Level Radiation Causes Increases in the Following Diseases

    1. Brain tumors
    2. Alzheimer’s
    3. All neurotransmitter diseases
    4. ALS
    5. Lou Gehrig’s Disease
    6. Parkinsons
    7. Autism

Scientists and doctors are seeing the damaging toxic effects in all life forms such as plants, insects and all living organisms.

There’s proof they are sterilizing us, because if you are a woman, your ovaries are damaged when they are exposed to radiation. Then you have a female baby who appears healthy, but her ovaries are damaged. She may have a somewhat healthy baby, but then her daughter is further damaged.

They say that in 5 generations starting from damage which started around the early to mid 90’s your children will be sterile.

This isn’t just about your one cell phone, it’s about ALL of the EMFs, EFs, RFs, and DE you come into contact with every day numerous times a day.

So why are the telecommunication companies STILL allowed to harm us?

Because they have too much power and the government is backing them.

In fact, Trump has been PUSHING for 5G EXCEPT where he lives. He’s been blocking it there because he knows how dangerous it is.

Do your research and check out all the links about EMFs on our site.

You can also watch this very well put together video.

If you have been harmed by EMFs to the point that it’s obvious to people who have to see it in order to belive it, you should read this.

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