Debate with Del at Highwire

Debate with Del at HighwireHere is the debate with Del at Highwire and a pro-vaccine scientist.

If you don’t know who Del Bigtree is, he used to be on the show called “The Doctors,” until he realized the medical system was corrupt and he wanted to do more research.

He started his own show on YouTube called, “The Highwire,” and also started a nonprofit to investigate the specific topic of vaccines and focused on how it relates to Autism.

Here are points in this video we learned that we didn’t know before:

  1. When you try to sue the pharma mafia for a vaccine-related injury, you are REALLY suing the HHS since they protect the PHARMA MAFIA.Health and Human Services – Department of Health and Human Services, Health and Human Services, HHS(noun) the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with health and welfare; created in 1979.
  2. They’ve only ever done one study on the MMR vaccine, and the study was in Denmark which doesn’t count because Denmark ONLY gives their kids 26 vaccines, whereas in the US it’s 72 vaccines.That STILL freaks us out every time we see how many poisonous SHOTS are forced upon kids, and their parents allow them to be poisoned.Do you know how many vaccines this writer had when I was a child? I think it was 10 or 15. I grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s.
  3. The PHARMA MAFIA blackmailed Regan by telling him they weren’t going to manufacture vaccines anymore if he didn’t stop the lawsuits.The vaccine manufacturers were losing money from all of the lawsuits due to all of the damage the vaccines were doing.

That’s why since then the law says you can’t sue the PHARMA MAFIA for damage from a vaccine injury.

You have to go to a special committee that requires YOU to provide the evidence that the vaccine harmed your child.

Before that, the HHS or another government agency was supposed to be there to help you come up with the evidence. Now they are there to PROTECT THE PHARMA MAFIA.

All in all with this Debate with Del at Highwire, Del was the knowledgeable one. The pro-vaccine scientist (George) knew some things, but eventually realized he knows VERY little and so he stopped talking.

When he tried to talk later on, he couldn’t get clear sentences out.

He actually thinks there’s no cure for cancer, that’s how uneducated he is.

He insulted two women. One he insulted repeatedly by name, and the other one he mentioned at the end.

He insinuated they were flakes, and then said he doesn’t want to deal with all “soccer moms.” He said if you haven’t passed Bio 3.0 (or something like that) he doesn’t want them in the debate.

Obviously he gets to decide who he debates, so why did he have to keep bringing them up?

You do NOT need to be a scientist to know when your body is rejecting something.

You don’t have to be a scientist to know when something is harming you. I personally can FEEL my body and I trust myself. When you have been holistic for as long as I have, you know when something is wrong with your body.

This is the problem with science as a religion. Either scientists or people who worship science “try” to make people who don’t have a “degree” out to be stupid when they aren’t.

We aren’t saying that all people are intelligent, we are just saying you don’t need to have a degree to learn and be intelligent.

Then after the Debate with Del at Highwire, Facebook shut the video down and ALL of the likes and comments disappeared.

Censorship on Facebook!!!

They don’t want you to know the TRUTH!!!

I highly recommend you watch the video, especially if you are pro-vaccine.

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