Here’s what you need to know about the CFL curly light bulbs that help save you energy

CFL Curly Light BulbsAfter watching a shocking 16:9 episode on the subject of CFL curly light bulbs in Canada, I was shocked to learn that:

  1. People have been getting sick from these CFL light bulbs.
  2. These light bulbs have a very HIGH UV rating, so you should be sitting a minimum of 30 cm (11.8″) or further away from the light bulb.

    People’s skin was turning red from being burned because they had these bulbs in small lamps near their bodies.

    Based on what we saw from this news episode, Health Canada didn’t seem to care about people getting sick. They stated that there was nothing wrong with the bulbs and they refused to be interviewed even though many attempts were made.

    The manufacturer who was approached didn’t care either, stating that the Health Canada reports should be read.

    There were no warnings posted anywhere on the package, in newspapers or the media.

  3. If you already have an autoimmune or skin disease, stay clear away from these CFL curly light bulbs. You can have them in your home, but don’t be close to them.
  4. These light bulbs also emit electromagnetic waves (radiation) that is never good for the human body. Read more here and here about the harm of EMFs.

    Again, health Canada says they are safe, but a Swiss lab did a more in-depth scientific test and found out that even though they fall just below the acceptable levels of EMFs, they are very close to the maximum. So for some, being near these CFL light bulbs will cause them several health symptoms.

  5. The CFL light bulbs also have mercury in them which is VERY dangerous. This is why they have to be disposed of very carefully and NOT thrown in your garbage.

Canada is phasing out the CLF light bulb in 2012 just so you are aware.

And if you think the LED light bulbs are any better, think again. Here’s just one video about it.

There’s a reason you can barely get the regular incandescent light bulbs anymore. They want us sick and dying.

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