How cosmetics are slowly killing us off

Starting in our teens & even pre-teens, females are exposed to thousands of toxins. In fact, the cosmetic industry is now marketing to children as young as 5. These kids are exposed at such a young age, that by the time they are in their late teens, we are pretty sure they will see the symptoms of these toxins. We also assume that because most kids don’t usually have a lot of money to buy higher quality skin care, hair care & cosmetic products, they are stuck buying low end beauty products that are assumed to have more toxic chemicals.

These toxins are in everything from skin care, nail polish, foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, blush, shampoos & conditioners, gels, mouses, even hand & body lotions.

These chemicals will in fact disrupt how these girl’s hormones develop, & later on it’s presumed they will have issues when giving birth to children.

Women have ignorantly trusted the beauty industry for decades & it’s only recently in the last 5 years or so that women are starting to speak out & put 2 & 2 together. Even when a product markets to you saying it has shea butter, avocado, etc. usually there are such minute amounts in there compared to the chemicals, it makes no difference, & is only used for marketing purposes. Same when they say it’s paraben free. Yes it may be paraben free, but what about all the other chemicals in it?

We always wondered why there is more breast cancer in women now then there ever was in the past. It used to be that 1 in 16 women got breast cancer, now it’s up to 1 in 8. We have also noted that in the last 15-20 years, thousands more women have problems conceiving or carrying fetuses to full terms. This was never the case in our history.

While we can’t unequivocally say it’s only because of the cosmetic industry that pulls in over $250 billion dollars per year worldwide, that’s definitely a common factor amongst women.

It’s also been proven that nail technicians & hairdressers get more cancer than the average person.

The US is the worst Western country when it comes to any type of regulation, then comes Canada. Europe has taken this threat seriously & has now banned upto 1,000 chemicals from cosmetics. In fact Europe has put the onus on the cosmetic industry to prove their ingredients are safe, whereas in North America, we the public have to prove their ingredients are harmful to us.

Often times you won’t find clearly defined ingredient labels or a company will lie & tell you a specific chemical isn’t in their product, but it really is.

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