Please Post Reviews of Holistic Products Companies and Practitioners

So we at We Deserve Health feel very strongly that businesses can only improve if their customers tell them what they like and don’t like and post reviews. This holds true, Post Reviewsespecially when there is a problem. It’s the duty of every consumer to rate a company, product or practitioner honestly.

It’s not only for the benefit of the company, but also for other consumers.

How do we know whether we should spend our hard earned money on a particular product or company if there are no reviews out there?

It seems very common in the holistic New Age Spiritual community that people don’t rate or review products, companies or practitioners. They don’t want to be negative and therefore they leave other consumers susceptible to being ripped off and losing their money.

We ourselves have lost a lot of money hiring practitioners who did us no good.

We have often searched for reviews online of products we just became aware of, and the ONLY reviews out there were from the site selling the products. While they appear to be from other consumers, how do we know if they really are?

In the conventional market, a good portion of all reviews online are fake. The company hires people to go around lying on sites like Amazon and Yelp to make their product look a lot better than they are. Even restaurants do this.

Consumers in the holistic community need to understand that our holistic community is a BILLION DOLLAR industry. There are a lot of charlatans out there who are creating cheap quality products, lying on the packaging and stealing our money in the process. Not only that, but did you know that a lot of so called “holistic” companies are REALLY owned by BIG PHARMA? The very people we are trying to stay away from?

Did you also know that they buy out this holistic companies who once had a GREAT product, they change the formula to put chemicals in it in order to save money, and now the product no longer works, or it’s now toxic?

How do we know if any product really works?

Granted all products work differently on every human being, but we as a consumer want to know what others have experienced so we can make an informed decision. The choice is ours in the end, but other peoples’ experiences matter.

The same goes for practitioners. As you already know, holistic practitioners are NOT cheap. They can run you hundreds or thousands of dollars for only a few sessions. Just because someone says they can help you with your physical or emotional health, it doesn’t mean they really know what they are doing.

Conventional doctors are rated all the time online and we have a duty to do the same in our industry.

So we are asking everyone to PLEASE post reviews of holistic products companies and practitioners. You can do that right here by sending it in via our contact page along with your first name, and we will post it for you.

Thank you


From We Deserve Health

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