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Are you going to March Against Monsanto on May 24, 2014?

If you don’t already know, Monsanto is a HUGE corporation that has been poisoning people through their GMO seeds and Bovine (cow) hormone product Posilac that goes into your dairy product by way of your cows. They are also known for taking away people’s farms if they do NOT sell Mansanto’s seed. They are very good at getting bills passed and their products approved by the FDA even if there is no data or studies proving their products are safe. The control of this company goes back to the 80’s and many governments around the world (especially the US government) allows this TERRIBLE behavior.

On top of that, they were the producers of Agent Orange that has caused birth defects in Vietnamese AND American families. These illnesses and birth defects have been passed down through semen and the soil it contaminated from generation to generation. There is evidence of these illnesses even today in the year 2014. Please see this video… You can also see the movie, “The World According to Monsanto” if you just continue watching. It will detail how Monsanto gets away with the things they do, how many diseases and illnesses are caused by what Monsanto sells, how they lie about their products being bio degradable, and how Germany stopped allowing their “Round Up” product back in the 1980’s. Their Posilac product was banned by Europe AND Canada and there was even a hearing when they tried to bribe Health Canada. Three people were late on fired as are a lot of people who try to make public what Monsanto is doing.

If you care at all about poisoned food, the control HUGE corporations have over your food supply (or lack thereof), and you are appalled at how this company gets away with the despicable things it does, PLEASE march to show your support on May 24, 2014.

Please review this page and look up your city to see where and what time the march is in your city. There are marches all over the world.

And our thanks goes out to Tami Canal, a stay at home mom from a small town in Utah who started this awareness.

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