We here at “We Deserve Health” rarely believe in conventional medicine unless one needs emergency surgery, so when we see an alternative therapy that helps people & conventional doctors shun it, we welcome the chance to tell people to help them, & of course prove that a lot of the conventional doctors don’t know what they are talking about.

So we came across a man who created a physical therapy that can help some children (not all) learn how to walk when they have been unable to up until this point.

His name is Ramon Cuevas & he is from Chile. He is a physical therapist & he developed the CME Physical Therapy approach. This therapy helps children with neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

This is an exerpt taken from his facebook page

“CME, the acronym for Cuevas Medek Exercise, is a physical therapy approach for infants suffering abnormal developmental motor evolution caused by a known or unknown non-degenerative syndrome affecting the Central Nervous System.”

If you want to look into this extraordinary therapy for children who can’t learn how to walk on their own, here are some more sites..

The Roman Cuevas website with a video
A practice in Brooklyn, New York
Article in Cerebral Palsy Magazine by certified CME practitioner

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