Here is just one natural way to help the flu

Healing from the fluWhether you are sick as a dog with the flu or a cold, obviously you want to feel better.

Here is an old remedy that should help you. Try to get organic garlic if you can, but any garlic should do.

Unlike what most people recommend, you don’t swallow the garlic, you inhale it.

  1. Take a piece of garlic, and grate it using a fine grater.
  2. Put the grated garlic into a glass. I don’t recommend plastic as it has it’s own toxins.
  3. Hold the glass as tight up to your nose as you can, and inhale it as slowly and as deep as you can. Use your nose only and make sure your mouth is closed tight.
  4. Exhale outside the cup.
  5. Repeat this procedure about 15 – 20 times, and then do this a few times holding the cup to the mouth instead of nose.
  6. If you’re suffering from a wet cough, this may induce phlegm, so be prepared to be around your bathroom sink or with a lot of tissues.
  7. Do this 3 – 4 times a day until you start to feel better.
  8. Continue afterward as needed.

This natural way to help the flu remedy makes more sense than swallowing garlic, because garlic’s antibiotic properties are destroyed when they get digested. That doesn’t happen when the garlic is inhaled and it goes straight to the places where the infection is which is your throat and lungs.

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