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The Truth About the Flu Shot

flu shotFacts About the Flu Shot

The flu shot has toxins in them that cause MANY people to get sick. The reason the medical community markets them to people is ALL because of money.

Why do you even need the flu shot?

We just don’t understand why people would just arbitrarily take a shot for something they don’t even have. If you get sick, you can take all natural products that won’t harm you, such as colloidal silver which usually nips the infection within a day or two.

Or you can take small cubes of raw organic garlic throughout the day and warm water with a teaspoon of lemon in distilled water and drink that several times throughout the day.

You will start to feel better either that day, or within a day or two and just continue to do that. Also get a lot of sleep and get to an infrared sauna if you can. Infrared saunas detox your body.

So onto the facts about why flu shots are dangerous

Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control in Canada analyzed the data from a 2009 swine flu pandemic. She concluded that people who received the seasonal flu shot in the fall of 2008 were more likely to become sick the following year in the spring and summer when the swine flu (H1N1) usually comes around. People can become much sicker with another similar type flu. Of course the rest of the global influenza community just dismissed what Skowronski found.

Just a note that I, the author of this article am not healthy, and yet I NEVER get the flu. Maybe once in a blue moon I get a cold or the flu, but I certainly don’t get it like clockwork every year. My health issues have nothing to do with the flu and my immune system is very low, so why would ANYONE be pumping toxins into their body if they are healthy? It makes no logical sense.

Here are examples of real LIVE people who have either gotten sick or died because of taking a flu shot.

The names have been omitted for privacy reasons, and we didn’t go searching for them, we just came across them as we talked to people about other health issues. We will add to the article when we hear of more stories. (We are sorry, but for most of the stories below, we didn’t edit the statements below for spelling, grammar, etc. We did this to keep the authenticity of what the person said.)

  • One person got hemorrhoids after receiving his flu shot
  • This person’s mom had an elderly friend who died within a week of receiving her flu shot. This was in New York City.
  • Another person’s mom had a friend and she was in perfect health. The same day she got the flu shot she passed. Same person – his friend’s dad died within days of getting the flu shot. This was in Louisville Kentucky.
  • This person’s barber got the flu shot and within days was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. This was just north of Dallas, Texas.
  • This person felt the sickest he’s ever felt in the last 5 years after he felt he got tricked into getting a FREE flu shot at CVS. This was in Palm Beach, Florida
  • Same person also knows of someone who became mentally and physically disabled after getting a vaccine shot when they were younger.
  • “I got a frozen shoulder after a vaccine. At the time, I had no idea there was a correlation but there is. I’ve had one flu shot in my life. A week after I received it I tore my rotator cuff. I decided to not take that risk again. Last flu shot I had was three years ago. I was in the process of developing pericarditis. Never been so sick in my life. Coincidence, maybe, but it scared me off. Especially last year when I developed the flu and gave it to my husband who had had the shot. Last flu shot was in 06 or 07. Had the worst fever after 3 months. Never had the shot again, and never been sick. Flu shot is poison and unnecessary even for elderly and infants. Eat healthy and raw amap, cbd oil and coconut oil are protective.”
  • (edited for grammar) “I got the flu shot in 2012 first time ever when I was pregnant with my son. I thought I was doing the right thing. Well I got very sick to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed so I did what I would normally do if medicine made me sick I’d look up the side effects. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Are you aware that the flu vaccine has never been tested in the efficacy for pregnant women? Studies are finding that women are having “spontaneous miscarriages” after getting the flu shot. The statistics show a rise in over 3000% and that was 5 years ago. It’s gone up since then. I was appalled that my doctor did not warn me of the side effects/adverse reactions and was angry that I could have lost my baby.I researched more and realized THEY DONT KNOW these things because they are not taught/trained. They are trained to tell people everything is fine, and they are safe and effective and that’s all you need to know. That’s all they are taught. It’s sad but goes with the saying, ignorance is bliss. It’s sad but true.”
  • “I watched by mother get a flu shot this past November, and she was seriously ill for 5-6 weeks. “


One in 58 people over the age of 65 die due to the flu shot. Watch this news report.




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  1. Another comment…

    “I got mine 2 yrs ago and couldn’t get off of the bathroom floor!!
    I lost function from my waist down. It was scary! My stomach hurt too.
    It only lasted about 45min but I slept the entire evening (after I was able to get up).
    Never again!”

  2. “this year in the UK it is 10% effective. I live in Scotland and have seen how the flu vaccine has made the health of older people around me worse.”

  3. And this smart cookie said…

    “That ‘10%’ is a relative number. That’s 10% of those who got vaccinated, not 10% of the population. That number also assumes that every single person who was vaccinated came in contact with one of the strains in flu in the vaccine. If only 50% of those who got the flu shot were actually exposed, then that efficacy rate drops to 5%. And if only half of the population got the flu shot, that efficacy rate drops to 2.5%.


    And that 2.5% is only correct IF the flu shot actually worked for those who were vaccinated were exposed to one of the flu vax strains.”

  4. The CDC counts pneumonia in their stats…

    “Lies. The fact is when the cdc releases flu death numbers they add to them ALL PNEUMONIA DEATHS TOO!!!
    Not pneumonia deaths after the flu but all pneumonia deaths. Do you know how many elderly people die of pneumonia?? It is a common way to go. So this flu “thousands” is bs.
    It’s a scare tactic to get you to get the u shot which actually makes you more likely to be hospitalized and die if you contract the non vaccine flu strains after getting the flu vaccine.
    The cdc is a corrupt and lying agency that sells vaccines.”

  5. More testimonials about relatives who got the flu shot…

    ” I don’t know about the numbers although my step-mother used to get the flu shot every year and every year she got deathly sick for weeks on end. She passed away several years ago from pulmonary fibrosis which is scaring on the lungs from being sick so often. She literally suffocated to death. I’ve never had the flu shot and will not take it after watching her get sick all those years and finally die from the same. I’ve had the flu occasionally and it’s not as bad as they make it to be. Maybe if you’re elderly and in delicate health but not the average adult. I see no reason to contaminate my body with these vaccines which are developed based on the prior year’s strain of the virus. It mutates and each year is a little different so is it really effective? I don’t think it is.”


    “my mother got the flu shot once and I’ve never seen her so sick. It was like 2 weeks before she actually felt better”

  6. What’s in the flu shot…

    “Aside from putting mercury, aluminum,formaldehyde and numerous other preservatives and chemicals in a vaccine, they are not effective. The CDC can’t predict ahead of time which strain is going to be the problem, making a vaccine is just a crap shoot. There is no way to know if the vaccine actually kept you from getting the flu or if your immune system did it on its own. Why put heavy metals and preservatives into your system to compromise it? And if you’ve already have a weakened immune system like me, someone with Lyme disease,why would you want to take a chance and make it worse?”

  7. One woman was kept from her ill mother because of the scare tactics…

    “I took the flu jab in 2002 as my mother was terminally ill. They said it was so i didn’t pass flu on to her. I ended up ill in bed for 3 weeks with yes you guessed it the flu and not able to see her, living in fear that she would die before i got better. Never again”

  8. Another comment on a YouTube video…

    “I was cutting a man’s hair and all of a sudden, he passed out. I called EMS and the first question they ask was “has he recently had a flu shot”? They know!!!!! A friend, Clark Parrish had a flu shot at a local store and in one hour he passed away!!!!!!”

  9. “My Grandma recently got a flu shot and a tetanus shot. A few days ago she had a sudden flare up of Bursitis-has never had Bursitis before-vaccine injury? My Grandpa was also recently cleared of lymphoma after a biopsy and a scan showed that it had disappeared. Right after that is when they rushed out and got the flu shot and Grandma the tetanus. Now my Grandpa developed swollen lymphs in the same area he was cleared of cancer. My gut is telling me these flu shots caused these “flare ups” Thoughts?”

    And someone who responded to her post…

    “Yeah that is what caused the flare up…My Grandma went for a Flu shot even though I begged her not to & then got very sick with the flu went to the hospital & was given a Antibiotic & had a reaction that cause Kidney failure & she died… Drinking a pinch of Baking soda in water once a day will remove the heavy metals & should cure her bursitis”

  10. Shane Morgan from Las Vegas, Nevada got the flu shot and here’s what happened…

    “About 36 hours after he got the flu shot he started to get sick,” said Mr. Morgan’s wife, Monique.

    “My eyes wouldn’t focus on stuff,” Morgan said. “I thought it was my inner ears sickness that I had. I got up to use the bathroom and I realized I couldn’t walk. My legs were like rubber. My hands were totally numb.”

    “He’s like I can’t feel my legs… I need you to take me to the emergency room,” said Mrs. Morgan.

    Hours after being admitted to the ICU, Morgan was placed on life support which included a ventilator and a feeding tube. While in intensive care, Morgan was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

    You can read the full article here…


  11. “Thankfully my husband sides with me on vaccines( we miscarried our first daughter to the flu vaccine), circumcision, etc. “

  12. “My mom had a flu shot and dtap shot , 2 weeks later she develops lupus after being perfectly fine. 1 month later she gets a rare Alzheimer’s/ dementia, seems very close to the vaccine and flu shot. Confirmed that it caused her lupus for sure .”


    “My grandpa got the flu, lost his voice and diagnosed with oesophageal & lung cancer within 2 weeks of the flu shot. He was a healthy man until then. “

  13. “My father in law got Guillian-Barre Syndrome from the Flu vaccine. He almost died. Was in critical condition and temporarily paralyzed for 2 months, still walks with a limp. He was on a ventilator all of that time too and suffers with the after effects of it still today. His Drs proved the cause was the flu shot and he took it to vaccine injury court and won.”

  14. “After a flu vaccine I could not get an erection for over a month. Only after detoxing with essential oils and natural pollen honey did it come back. Vaccines are evil. Never again!”

  15. People were asking what was the deciding factor when they stopped trusting vaccines and they wrote:

    “When my healthy son had a heart attack that took his life at 6 shortly after a flu shot, flu A, flu B, and tamiflu but my hubby wasn’t awakened until our 4 year old daughter got diagnosed with cancer and she died shortly after the hospital made us get her flu shot.”


    “When my daughter told me she wasn’t going to vaccinate my first granddaughter 16 years ago I thought she was a bit crazy. She started to show me research articles which woke me up. I saw the failure of the flu shots and refused to take them in the hospital where I worked.”


    “I have a friend who was the dietary manager at a local hospital. She took the mandatory flu shot and it ruined her life. She’s now disabled, like a stroke.”


    “When my mother almost died from Guillain-Barré syndrome due to the flu vaccine!!!”


    “Anaphylactic Reaction to Flu Vaccine almost 20 years ago!”

  16. “my friend got the flu shot and tetanus on same day, his problems started almost immediately…he was soon diagnosed with MND and was dead within the year…”

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