Where Did Pure Encapsulations Go?

Pure EncapsulationsSo Pure Encapsulations from Quebec Canada sold OUT to Nestle for 2.3 billion dollars in December of 2017.

That is where they went.

Their parent company is Atrium Innovations.

We guess if you dangle enough money in front of a company whose mission statement is ALL about purity, they WILL eventually cave and sell out to the enemy.

The Trust Is Gone

After being referred to this product line, we came THIS close to buying several Pure Encapsulations products until another Facebook group warned us they had been bought out by Nestle. Nestle, the EVIL CORP that has taken over almost every country worldwide with their fake toxic food products.

And has raped the earth’s land by digging for water so they can sell it to people at an inflated price.

No Fillers in Your Supplement Product Line

From what we heard, Pure Encapsulations used to be a top-notch supplement company that didn’t put ANY fillers in their products like 90% of the supplement companies do. Most of these supplement companies do this to try and make more money off of you.

Less product and more filler means more money in their pockets.

Not only that, many of the fillers are harmful to the human body, and especially if you are already sick, this could make you feel worse or won’t help you at all.

We also had no idea that Atrium Innovations also owns the US Garden of Life supplement line which is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The reason we are so dead set AGAINST toxic EVIL CORPS buying out holistic companies is because it’s pretty much guaranteed that down the road they will start changing the formula so it’s no longer 100% all natural, and being a buyer, you won’t know any better if you’ve already been buying these products for years.

This happened with the Heritage Store which you can read about here.

Poor Customer Service

We had already had problems with Pure Encapsulations when we e-mailed them several times with questions and received no response. We received one response back from a Shaunda Santo who is a product support specialist, but when we e-mailed 3 more times with different questions over the next 4 days, we didn’t receive any responses back. Then we started to get bounced back e-mails, meaning a notice that at least once was undeliverable.

We called Pure Encapsulations twice, left a message on Shaunda’s voicemail once, and spoke to a manager the second time.

He said others have also said they aren’t receiving responses back. That he would tell Shaunda to respond to our e-mails and we once again gave him our name and phone number.

Never heard back again. 

Boycotting All Atrium Innovation Product Lines

So now we are boycotting both Pure Encapsulations and the Garden of Life supplement line due to Nestle buying them out. The trust is lost.

Here are Atrium Innovation’s other lines just so you are aware:

  • Wobenzym®
  • Douglas Laboratories®
  • Genestra Brands™
  • Orthica®
  • AOV®
  • Minami®
  • Klean Athlete®
  • Pharmax
  • Trophic

Pure Encapsulations phone number is 800-753-2277, and here is their website http://www.pureencapsulations.com

Nestle’s press release on the buyout is here.

One of the most important things you need to do is check the ingredients of your supplement line just like you would check the ingredients of any food item you buy. A lot of these supplement companies are in it just for the money, they don’t care about their customers or whether their products really work.

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  1. I want to add this to this article.

    If you don’t already know that the evils control the entire world and are a party to all things child trafficking, you should wake up NOW!!!

    They are literally taking over all of the holistic companies if they hadn’t already.

    Most of the holistic industry is controlled by the evils.


    And the video that explains how much of the world the evils own which is WHY they are able to start a war and make you think it’s a deadly virus when it isn’t.


  2. I’m going to add Nutricology here. https://www.nutricology.com/

    I was THIS close to purchasing a lot from them when the Universe told me to go take a look at them.

    I was trying to see if they had been bought out and they are an older company from the 70s, so they must have at this point.

    Then I saw this…

    “Tim Gerke
    Tim Gerke serves as President of NutriCology and continues to be a noteworthy leader in the dietary supplement industry with over 25 years of experience in both the human and animal segments domestically and internationally. Tim has worked in senior/ executive roles with Deloitte, Bayer, DaVinci Labs, Tangerine Group in the UK, and helped reorganize and update several contract manufacturers for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies and products. Moving forward with the team at NutriCology, Tim continues his commitment to use his talents and expertise in bringing the next innovations in nutrition that will advance the cause of optimal health for a world in hunger for better solutions.”

    Nope, no thanks.

    If I already sent you my list and they were on there, my apologies.

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