If you live in Canada & wish to recycle your electronics, NOW YOU CAN:

  • recycle your printer
  • recycle computer
  • recycle laptop
  • recycle stereo
  • recycle surround sound system
  • recycle fax machine
  • recycle CDs
  • recycle DVDs
  • recycle MP3 Players
  • recycle iPods
  • recycle digital cameras
  • recycle regular cameras
  • recycle cell phones (staples takes them too)
  • recycle batteries
  • recycle monitors
  • recycle speakers
  • recycle PDAs
  • recycle tuners
  • recycle VCRs & DVD players
  • recycle radios
  • recycle receivers

and more…

You can do that by clicking here & typing in your postal code for the nearest drop off location.

Almost all of these electronic products can be broken down & reused to cleanup our landfills.

This is great news Canada.

And another way to recycle if your electronics are still working, is to donate or sell your electronics. Many homeless or woman’s shelters need working electronics.

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