Are You Aware of the New 5G?

The new 5GAre you aware of the new 5G wireless that is due to come out, that is even MORE harmful to your health?

It’s a well known fact to anyone who cares about health and educates themselves, that wireless and bluetooth devices wreak havoc on our bodies and brains from heat generated microwave radiation.

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and there are certain limits to these rates for each device you own with some being higher than others.

The problem is that these SAR limits were decided years ago by physicists and engineers, and haven’t been analyzed or upgraded since. Plus, they don’t take inco account the non-thermal effects of cell phone radiation.

Cell phone radiation poisoning has been associated with increased brain cancer risk among long term cell phone users, and they have also found other health problems in the short term. They can include electrosensitivity, sperm damage and infertility. And as you know, infertility has increased exponentially in the last 30 years. It also causes reproductive health risks in children.

The reason these devices are so dangerous, is due to our bodies being made up of energy. When you take another form of energy (cell towers, wireless utility meters, wireless infrastructure, wireless routers, cell mobile phones, cordless phones, laptops, and now VR headsets, etc.) and put them next to your body or ESPECIALLY on your head, it starts to change the molecular component of your cells and tissues.

Governments who are controlled by EVIL CORPS who don’t care about consumers, and they ONLY greed, want consumers to believe that all of these marketed wireless devices are safe because they passed legal standards.

They also want us to believe that the SAR levels don’t matter so long as they fall under the legal requirements.

The problem is, scientists have yet to do a study that proves that exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation is safe.

While there are no long term studies, what they do have are thousands of peer reviewed published studies that have found biologic effects from the exposure of wifi and bluetooth devices.

Here is a site that details what the laws and regulations. It even details how even Google has tried to go around the system and some companies who utilize Google Glass, are forcing their employees to wear the “Google Glass” for upto 12 hours a day ON their heads. The Google Glass doesn’t JUST Emit Wi-Fi microwave radiation, but ALSO bluetooth radiation!

Here is a site that calls out to the UN (United Nations) and all States worldwide to encourage the WHO (World Health Organization) to enforce stronger regulations on EMF guidelines.

Please watch the video from spokesperson Martin Blank, PhD. It’s also dubbed in French and Spanish, and is available in transcript.

He is calling out to the WORLD that this is a Public Health Risk!


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