Who do you think is responsible for your health?

Well as far back as I can think of, people believed that doctors were the ones responsible for our health, but in the last 10 years or so, we’ve been seeing an increase in people taking over the job of doctors & they are starting to take care of themselves.

Yes, people are turning more & more to holistic practitioners, but in a sense they are still relying upon others to help “cure” them.

Until you realize that no one can “cure” you & only YOU are responsible for your illnesses or diseases, you will remain sick, ill, uncomfortable, etc.

We believe that everyone is responsible for their own spirit, emotions & health. Making someone else responsible is just passing the buck so you don’t have to take responsibility for your reality.

I know it’s difficult to understand at first & then to accept because we’ve been taught for years that everyone from our parents, teachers, peers, friends & society is to blame or responsible. That we are the victim.

But, if you TRULY want to heal yourself overall, you need to start making decisions for yourself & STOP relying upon others to “fix” you. You aren’t broken, you just need to open yourself up & become aware.

I hope over here we can help you do that or at least educate you a bit & point you in several directions so you can learn more.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!

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