So we came to the conclusion a few years ago, that health plays a HUGE part in your moods.

If a person is feeling sick all the time (even if they are walking around), the chances of them being a good mood are slim.

It’s not how long you live that matters although it’s hopefully a bonus when you do live longer, it’s the quality of life you are living NOW.

Do you have energy every day, or are you tired?

How often do you get headaches?

Does your brain feel fuzzy?

Do you forget conversations you had?

Do you feel congested all the time so you aren’t breathing properly & getting enough oxygen into your body?

Do you live near electrical grids that are interfering with your body’s energy field & depleting you of energy?

Do you live in & around toxic waste dumps?

How clean is the water you are drinking?

Is there a lot of pollution where you live so you are breathing in toxic fumes?

Are there tons of trucks in your city burning off toxic diesel fuel?

Are you eating food laden with chemicals, or are you eating fresh clean food?

These are all things play a role in the way you feel?

How stressed do you get every day?

While people blame the person when they are in a bitchy mood & we are responsible for our own emotions, if your body is trying to tell you something, it could be it’s playing around with your moods.

Something to think about….


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