So I want to talk about women’s hair loss which isn’t really addressed in society.

When we talk about hair loss, we jump to the conclusion that it ONLY happens to men, but as I’m finding out, women’s hair loss has become somewhat of an epidemic or is close to being called that.

We don’t know the numbers of how many women suffer from hair loss because it seems that:

  1. Most women don’t know where to talk about this debilitating issue.
  2. When females go to the doctors, most doctors & even dermatologists brush it off.
  3. When tests are done (that’s conventional, not holistic), the tests almost always come back normal.
  4. Family members & friends brush the woman’s concerns off as anxiety, saying “we can’t see anything different”, but a woman knows when her hair starts to thin out, or DEFINITELY when she is losing higher than normal amounts of hair when she takes a shower.

The pain of losing one’s hair is devastating.

I know when I started to lose my hair, it increased little by little until it hit me like a TON of bricks! I thought all of my air was going to come out of my head in one file swoop. I was sooo stressed, I had nightmares about it.

I used to have gorgeous hair. So much so, hairdressers always commented on how nice & healthy my hair was. It was past my shoulders, soft to the touch, healthy, wavy/curly & rich in brown color.

While I was losing some hair that clearly wasn’t normal, it’s when I went to a hair salon in Detroit & she colored my hair with some VERY toxic coloring agent & I could feel it burning my scalp, that the hair started to REALLY fall out & wouldn’t stop.

I thought it would stop after a few days, but it just kept coming out in the shower & afterward when I combed it out after conditioning. I was petrified!

I even use all natural shampoo, but this didn’t help.

Every holistic practitioner I’ve gone to also seemed to ignore this symptom & out of ALL my health symptoms, the hair loss was & still is the most emotional for me.

I don’t cry much, but I’m almost always on the the verge of tears when large amounts come out in the shower. Like many women have stated, I fear taking a shower or washing my hair.

I’m going to provide you with a link that shows just how emotional us women are when losing our beautiful hair, but first, I encourage all women losing their hair to post to this thread on this blog, & answer the following questions (when I have time, I may put it in a survey):

  1. Have you been diagnosed with para menopause or menopause?
  2. Are you getting hot flashes?
  3. Age
  4. Are your periods very very heavy or last for 2-3 weeks at a time, stop, then start shortly thereafter or you don’t get your period for 2-3 months later?
  5. How many of you have been on the pill & then gone off & the hair loss started? If you were on it, how long were you on it, & which brand was it?
  6. Have you been taking biotin, which brand, how many mg & for how long? Has this helped at all?
  7. Did you have a major stressor just before the hair loss started?
  8. Do you find your head to be hot a lot of the time? If you place your hand above your crown, does your scalp emit heat?
  9. What climate do you live in? Cold, cool, hot, humid, dry, etc.?
  10. Is your skin, feet, drying out, or is it just your scalp? If yes, was your skin like that before the hair loss started?
  11. Do you work or live near chemical plants, power lines, nuclear plants, etc.?
  12. Are you anemic?

One common denominator with a lot (not all) of the women who are losing their hair is the birth control pill. I’m not on it & haven’t been since I was 19 or so years old when I intuitively knew my body didn’t like it. But one thing for certain is… when these women STOP taking the pill, many of them start shedding their hair & it won’t stop.

It’s clearly a hormonal issue, because I know my para menopause is related & even some women who give birth start to lose their hair right afterward. Yes it’s normal to lose some hair when going through menopause, but to lose THIS MUCH hair? NOOOO, I’m sorry, this is NOT normal AT ALL!!!

If I was a good class action attorney, I’d round up these women who were on the birth control pill, investigate, & start a class action law suit.

One thing is clear to me, this is something very very scary & NEW. Unless someone can prove me wrong (please do if you can), women  were NOT losing their hair like this even a generation ago.

I believe & will continue to believe that ALL the chemicals in the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, bath in, etc., contribute to ALL these health issues. The body can NOT fight off these unnatural elements that were NOT meant to be ingested into the body. Our human bodies are all natural organisms. They were meant to absorb natural clean water, air & food.

I personally don’t eat garbage food, but I can’t avoid breathing the polluted air, I don’t have a water filtration system for my entire house (only the water I drink) & when I do go to restaurants, I can’t control what they put in the food. So many of them cook with canned products, unhealthy oils, unhealthy salt & spices, chemical laden produce & hormone ingested meat, poultry & farmed diseased ridden fish.

Also, this hair loss epidemic isn’t just affecting women in their 50s to 70s, I started to lose my hair back in 2006 when I was in my late 30s. Many of these women on this thread are in their late 20s, there’s even some who are ONLY 18 years old. Can YOU believe that???

Something has to be done, this is JUST not normal.

Here’s the thread


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