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I’ve been studying natural holistic health since around 1996. Actually I was starting to get into health even a few years prior to that, but I was so naive, that I would buy my products from a drug store. I would later find out that their quality was absolutely horrific.

I slowly started to learn that quality of the supplements you take is VERY important.

In fact some of the highest quality you can get is the professional grade which you can only get if you are seeing an ND (naturopathic doctor).

The reason for this is, most supplements don’t digest into the body quickly, so a lot of what people take just wastes away instead of being absorbed into the blood & cells.

While I stopped buying supplements & herbs from health food stores a long time ago, I still buy all other natural from them, like body washes, shower gels, blemish sticks, natural toothpaste, skin care lines, not to mention all the food products I buy.

Now I don’t even waste time going into a health food store so I can do other things instead.

I shop online so I help the environment by not using a car (granted the shipping is a carbon footprint, but it’s shipping MANY packages, not just mine so that helps) & if I have any questions, I just call up the health food store site or the company that produces the products I’m buying.

One day a couple of years ago I was particularly interested in finding this blemish stick from Dessert Essence, as I’ve been buying it for years & I swear by it.

This blemish stick helps with everything from spot acne to cuts, bites, rashes, & the list goes on. I can’t live without it & I have several all over the house.

At first I was purchasing from this online health food store –, but I had been having problems with them for years (many mistakes & poor customer service). The final straw was when they refused to give me a discount they were giving other customers.

Then I remembered this other site because I had ordered a hormone product from them in the past, so I just decided to search & see if they had my blemish stick AND THEY DO!!!

I was soooo happy, because this company is top notch, even their URL is easy to remember & their site is VERY professionally laid out.

After I finished ordering, I found out they will let me give you a $5 discount if you haven’t ordered from them before, so here is the discount code… KOR349

If it doesn’t work, that means it’s already expired, so just contact me & I’ll get you a new one.

Their prices are very competitive with the other site, & their shipping prices are VERY low (even if you are in Canada). It’s clear they care about their customers.

Have FUN shopping 🙂

P.S. Here’s the discount code again – KOR349

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