Cure Lung Cancer seems like a scam, right?

Cure Lung Cancer
High rates of lung cancer (indicated in this map by brown colors) are highly correlated with the Stroke Belt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hope most of you know already that there have been cures for different types of cancer for many years now going back to the 1950’s, but because the government and the pharma mafia don’t want you to know about it, they have shut down or thrown anyone who makes these claims in jail.

Talk about a police STATE!

Most of you still think that going to a conventional doctor to get chemo and radiation poisoning is your best bet.

It’s sad, but if that’s the path you want to go do, no one is going to stop you, as it’s your life and we aren’t into forcing. When a person is ready and open, they will learn, that’s how it goes.

We aren’t offering any cure here for cancer as that’s not our job. Our job is to educate people who wish to learn.

We recently got this link from a woman who said that the modalities on this page cured her husband’s lung cancer.

She also pointed us to this site.

We hope that at the very least, this helps you find relief from the illness you have. If you have success with these suggestions, please post here so others can learn from you.

We ALL deserve Health

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