The BEST Gluten Free Donuts

Gluten Free DonutsNormally I don’t like gluten free products because they are tasteless and dry, but I saw these gluten-free donuts created by Katz, and decided to pick up the powdered ones from the Sprout grocery store.

I got them home and were shocked at how good they tasted. In fact they were TOO good. I couldn’t stop eating them and almost ate the entire box which I normally don’t do.

They were moist, had tons of flavor, and tasted way better than the junky gluten laden regular powdered donuts I’ve had in the past.

I highly recommend them, as gluten is one of the number one brain killers. You don’t have to be celiac to take care of your health by eating gluten free. It will save your health and brain.

Oh and they are kosher too.


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