Reasons for Climate Change Episode 1

Climate Change Episode 1Years of Living Dangerously Climate Change Episode 1

Certain actors and directors in Hollywood have gone out of their way to create an educational documentary series called “Years of Living Dangerously.”

This documentary will cover how Climate Change affects the ENTIRE world and show you how this is a problem the ENTIRE world has to address, not just America.

Episode 1 of the TV series showcases the following:

  1. Why the deforestation of the Palm tree in Indonesia has caused tremendous green house gases to be emitted into the ozone layer causing climate change.Why does this matter to people back home in North America?Just look at almost all the fake food products you eat. They almost all contain palm oil and it’s the fastest growing commodity. This means when we buy these products, we are saying it’s okay that rain forests be totally torn down just so we can have cheap palm oil in our products.The Indonesian government has taken over HUGE parcels of rainforest land and allowed EVIL CORPS to come in and tear down (rape) the entire forest. There is immense corruption in Indonesia, but if American companies weren’t buying the palm oil, there would be NO need to tear down these beautiful forests we need to keep our earth running properly.
  2. On record, the last decade was the warmest since we started recording weather data. The drought has covered 2/3 of the United States.
  3. Texas and their drought – Texas has dried up so much due to the heat of climate change and no rain, that towns like Plainview are dead. People were forced to move away due to the loss of 2,300 jobs.And in nearby cattle ranches, cattle farmers have had to sell much of their livestock due to there being NO grass.
  4. Most conservative religious Christian people refuse to believe humans are causing this drought. They look to god for answers, and feel he is causing this, instead of seeking out the truth and taking responsibility for their own actions.
  5. The politicians in the government refuse to acknowledge there is a climate change problem and even if they start to believe it, they are scared to speak out for fear of losing their seat.There is proof that anyone who speaks out about Climate Change won’t be re-elected.
  6. Syria has been plagued by drought for at least two decades and this is one main reason why the civil war broke out. Because they could no longer grow crops on their land, the farmers were forced to move from their farmland to major cities, and then forced into extreme poverty.
    These law abiding farmers also had to turn to smuggling and other ways to feed their families.The Syrian government didn’t listen to ANY of their complaints, and did nothing about the climate change, so they eventually turned into rebels.

    In the Mediterranean there have been longer and longer droughts and Syria is right in the middle of it.

Here is the link to Episode 2 (We are trying to find the next episode)

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