Spero Cell Phone Pouch

The Spero Cell Phone Pouch won’t work for most people.

Matt Landman who’s Youtube channel I’ve watched only twice so far and supposedly is an expert on chemtrails, radiation from cell phones, the cell phone towers, etc., was promoting this Spero Cell Phone Pouch.

When someone (rightly so) asked if you can use the phone while in the pouch which clearly you can’t, Matt said no, you have to take it out.

I then responded, “Umm, we need something where we can use the phone AND stop the radiation from harming us. I then listed all of the features I need with any new device coming to market, as everything out there so far doesn’t solve these issues.

The next thing  I know, I’m getting bullied from this user SuperSouthstreet who writes, 

“no matter what, while you’re using your cell phone, you’re receiving radiation.
This excellent pouch allows you to keep your phone on your person without being eradiated constantly.
When you want to make a call or check your messages, just slide it out of the pouch you insufferable whinner.”

I am appalled that the owner of this new company would talk to a potential customer this way just for bringing up the obvious.

I know others put the phone on their body, but I don’t. I only care about what happens when it’s near me or I’m using it, and by the time I would take it out of a closed pouch, the ringing would have stopped. 

If the price was right, I probably still would have bought it for when I sleep.

He claims he’s not the owner or Matt, but I doubt that’s the case (no pun intended.)

Just the anger not just in his comment to me plus his next comment speaks volumes about what kind of a person he is.

And here is his site – www.SperoProtectionClothing.com

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