Fashionable Unique Jewelry for the Green Fashion Conscious Woman

Fashionable Unique Jewelry

I fell in love with this site when I first saw it. The types of interesting pieces that are one-of-a-kind first piqued my curiosity. Then fact that I’m a holistic Green person made me want to give my money to a company that embraces the same principles I embrace.

This Fashionable Unique Jewelry is toxic free, and helps people in poor countries by selling items they work hard to create.

The company showcases clothing and jewelry that embraces animals & our mother earth, yet is still stylish feminine.

Every time I receive an e-mail from Novica, I just love to look around their site. Their artisan jewelry, handcrafts, hand bags & even hand painted shawls are gorgeous.

When they help to support indigenous people and align themselves with National Geographic, I trust them even more.

The items crafted are from people in the Andes, Thailand, India, Brazil & other countries.

If you are a fashion conscious & Green I recommend taking a look at this site.

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If you are looking for gifts for a woman that no one else has, THIS is the place to shop.


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